E-Guide and Interpreter

Offered by barcelonainternacional.com a non-profit association (registered in the register of Associations of the Generalitat de Catalunya).

At bcnwifi.com we want you to feel at home, and that is why we take care that the language is not a barrier.

We offer an E-Guide service and interpreter to help you in everything you need.

Our telemarketers know the best places in Barcelona to eat, those that do not go in the guides, but also know to move around the city, and if you have lost they will help you reach your destination. Maybe you need a taxi, no matter they take care of everything.

You can access our E-Guide service in two ways:

Through the free chat only for customers who hire the service of bcnwifi.com.

Calling a number and a special tariff where the telemarketer will assist you in the language you request.

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